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May Newsletter


Welcome to the first newsletter from Datagems! It's a bit late in the making, but we've been busy finding gems in clients data over here! As the team has expanded we have now got our head above water and wanted to share with you some of what we've been up to.

So who are Datagems?
We are an analytics software consultancy firm that help businesses development new analytic insights that drive better business outcomes. Whether you’re to looking to increase revenue or decrease costs give us a call.

We will be popping up in you inbox with gems through out the year discussing new analytic tools and techniques as well as trends that help you understand you business better. Topics such as improving customer engagement, Location data and your business, machine learning and other things that you may have heard of but weren't sure what it meant for you. We'll even throw in the odd white paper for you to devour on the rainy days ahead!

Everyone loves a good storm


Well that's until it impacts your business. We bet that you would love to know what impact the weather has on your business. If you're selling icecreams then hot days are good, cold days not so much.
Datagems are able to provide both real-time weather data and forecasting for your business to improve your planning and help you understand your business better than your competitors. Stay tuned for more information next time about what this means for you....

Warehouse Implementation - Explore NZ

Explore wanted to view the daily performance of all their unique experiences at the click of a button rather than having to wait for someone to download a file and prepare a nasty complex spreadsheet.
Datagems worked with their booking engine provider to develop daily integration inside a cloud based warehouse. We combined this with Tableau online to build dashboards that stakeholders could view every morning on their way into the office!

Tableau and Snowflake Cloud Analytics event


Last week we went to the Cloud Analytics event at the Seafarers Lounge, this was a really informative session about how to utilise the power and agility of a cloud based data warehouse. Alan Eldridge from Snowflake and Lee Kennedy-Bond (Tableau) quickly showed us how easy it is building a powerful demo of both products on the fly. We left the event inspired by the ease of use and how well these two products integrated with each other. We are definitely looking to roll this combo out with some of our existing customers. The last couple of weeks have been busy as we also saw the release of Tableau 2018 with a new data prep engine. Try it here! 
This short video from a Snowflake customer talks about how they have become more productive and been able to scale rapidly but at a lower cost.

Meet the Expanding Team


In late October 2017, Datagems attended the Summer of Tech Intern fair. We had a booth and also advertised for a paid intern developer position. We had amazing response with over 80 applications for the position. Through a series of interviews and tests we whittled the list down to one that best suited our needs.
Our successful applicant was Derek. 
Derek originally hails from Malaysia with a degree in Computer Science, he is our go to guy for Python, javascript, Postgres and AWS. In his spare time he enjoys hiking and the great outdoors we have to offer in New Zealand. We have now hired him on a permanent basis and enjoy having him on the team.

Thats all for the May Newsletter, Remember you're only one hidden data gem away from treasure chest of Big Data cashflow!