Expert consulting services.

At the core of any analytics work we have to really ask. Is there an actionable insight?  Datagems have expertise in all of the areas below and more. If you don’t see it doesn’t mean we can’t.

Data Strategy

How do you know if you have the right data and at the right time? What data is important to your business today and in the future? Are there opportunities in your data to grow profit?Datagems can help you to develop a data strategy that's easy to implement and has a quantifiable ROI that allows customers to understand what success looks like for them. 

Marketing insight

How do you measure success of your campaigns? Are you targeting the same customers over and over. We have deep experience helping businesses understand their customers buy bringing all their sales and marketing data together, what they buy, when they buy and where they are from. We can help you get a better understanding of your customers and drive higher ROI.

Location INSIGHT

We have a deeply connected world where everyone knows where everyone is. Location insight unlocks potential in your business in a way not possible before. Whether this is developing new trade areas and sales territories, managing remote assets or understanding your customer behaviour or fleet movements. We can show you why location data is important to your business. 

Data as a Product

Do you treat your data as a product or feature? Datagems can help you turn your data into products that you call sell. All that data you collect does have value. If you are a software company and you are not thinking about this then you should be. This should be at the heart of any good application.

EMbedded Analytics

Embedded analytics are being integrated inside applications and processes more and more today. Turn data into a product. Allows casual and business users to consume the right insight to support their decision making. We love embedding analytics and turning your data into products and helping your stakeholders be awesome

DATA Visualisation

We think visualisation of data is important, identifying trends and patterns in your business is a key to success. Datagems are experts at knowing how to present your data and show the value in a simple plain english way that your stakeholders understand. Good data visualisation tells you exactly where to look in your business. We call it actionable insight.

Data blending

We can help you identify underutilised data or integrate new data into your business by blending and preparing it for use in actionable insight. Datagems are experts bringing data together in a seamless and elegant manner that gives you an enhanced ROI